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Project: Cedar Edge Lots Website
The Pine Ridge development in Grand Junction, Colorado wanted to provide a web presence to represent their real estate development. The site was intended to provide information on the lots available for sale, provide photos of the surrounding area, and provide information about local activities available to potential buyers. The site includes several informational pages as well as a dynamic photo gallery which allows the users to interact with the page to view photos of the surrounding area.

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Project: Signs Of Alan Website
Assisted in development of an author's website containing information about her new book, contact information, book comments, and purchasing information using a site builder tool from their webhost. The site contains informational pages as well as images & history about the author's motivation for writing the book.

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Project: Meadow Hills Men's Club Website
The Meadow Hills Golf Course Men's Club was in need of a site re-design to serve as a tool for members to access tournament descriptions/schedules, member list information, money winnings, contact information, and more. We created a dynamic, database-driven site using ASP, HTML, Javascript, and Access Databases ... complete with secure form-based tools that allow the officers to update site content with little effort. This re-design eliminated inconsistencies, and allowed members to view updated tournament & results information in a much quicker time-frame than had previously been available.

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Project: Stock Asylum Photography Site Search
A stock photography company needed a way to upgrade it's existing web site to allow users to search it's extensive inventory of photographs. We built a tool using PHP/MySQL that allowed the site administrators to add pages & search terms into a database, so that visitors could search for specific images rather than having to browse through the entire site looking for them. Additional functionality allows the site administrators to designate certain search results as "Sponsored Results" which provides larger search result real estate on the page as well as thumbnail images on the results page.

This stock photography company website has since gone out of publication.

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Project: Magazine Cover Search Portal
A publishing company had an existing application that allowed its publishers view magazine covers & sales statistics for each issue, including competitor's magazines for use in their analysis. They needed additional functionality and enhancements to the application that would require a password to make changes, provide more in-depth methods of searching through & displaying cover information, and allow magazines to be grouped into different markets. We took the existing Cold Fusion application, and utilized ASP and an MS Access database to take care of the additional requirements that they needed. We grouped all magazines into specific markets, allowed them to create new markets, and gave them the ability to move current magazines to different markets if they wish. We also refined the existing search capability to allow them to search by Month, Year, Market, Magazine, or a combination of that criteria.

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Project: Online Wedding Picture Viewer (Version 1 | Version 2)
A recently married couple needed an application that would allow distant members of their wedding party & families to view copies of their wedding pictures. We developed an online picture viewer utilizing ASP technology and Javascript that enables users to view the wedding pictures online. A benefit of the design is that the user doesn't download ALL the images at once ... the viewer pulls the images from the server one at a time, as the user clicks through the album, which allows for greater efficiency.

We created a brand new version of the online picture viewer using a free flash photo tool from Airtight Interactive which you can view here.

Client Testimonial:
"We were so pleased with our wedding picture viewer from Since we were living in Colorado and our family was spread out throughout the country, the picture viewer allowed all of our special guests from our wedding to see the formal pictures that were taken on our wedding day. Working with the professionals at couldn't have been easier. They are professional and prompt and their customer service is unsurpassed. Many thanks to them for making our special day last longer by putting our pictures online for our family and friends."

Version 1
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Version 2
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